Kick It Around Music

Brian Priebe

The Magic of Music

I realized the magic of music at an early age. Every song takes you somewhere you've never been before. It may be falling in love, or riding your horse across some high lonesome desert. You just never know where the next song is going to take you. Hopefully my songs can effect you in the same way.


My Early Years

I grew up in Stacy, MN.  A small, one horse town about 50 miles north of the twin cities.  My whole family loved music, so I was hitched up to the bandwagon at an early age. I would say my start into the real deal was playing saxophone in the high school band. Switching between the alto sax and baritone sax, as well as a few stints in the choir was where I learned about notes, musical scales, sharps and flats, and so on and so forth.

My Life on the Road

I wrote my first song while driving around the streets of LA in my old Chevy Nova. I must of been around 18 or 19 at the time. I had a guitar in my lap, a cup of coffee in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. I was on my way to California to be a rock star. Instead of rocking, I wound up in the movie business building props and sets. After a few years, I realized being a big star and life on the road just wasn't for me, and for many years my music ambitions died there as well.

Inspired by Cold & Loneliness

I started songwriting again, while living in a small cabin in Alaska.  It was there on a cold, lonely winter day with no money to do anything else the songs started flowing.  Now I know where the poet Robert Frost got his inspiration.  I would love more then anything to move to Nashville, and be a full time songwriter while enjoying every inch of Music City. As for now, I'm still marching through the peaks and valleys of life's journey.  Thrust into making a living, I'll just keep plucking on my six string knowing I'll get there one day.



Let's Connect

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Kick It Around Music